We impart basic knowledge of the interaction between human beings and society as well as the fundamentals of general epidemiology and its methods, the healthcare system, prevention, occupational medicine and patient safety. Students should also know regulations and risks that allow them to responsibly handle medical products and technical equipment at the hospital and in their future practice.

Humangenetik Lehre

Interaction: Teaching and research

In order to develop a holistic health concept, it is critical that students reflect on the multiple social, societal and cultural influences on health. To keep up with societal developments, teaching content is continually being augmented by new research findings. In this way, teaching is oriented to the current state of research in social medicine.

Representatives of the most important fields of social medicine are integrated into teaching. They include instructors from the social insurance system (Austrian Health Insurance Fund, ÖGK), occupational medicine, medical technology, patient safety,  school physician, entrepreneurship and environmental hygiene.